DTK’s main contribution is the experience acquired during 30 years in the mechanization sector, with an annual capacity of 60.000 production hours of mechanical accuracy manufacturing. With the commitment of Excellence and Total Quality in all products and services, DTK is in a process of evolution and continuous improvement, upgrading the facilities, getting involved in new methodology and technologies and creating specialized areas such as the Client and Inside Departments Analysis and Documental Management Section.

DTK covers the complete scheme/process of mechanized manufacturing

Work Phases
Diseño 3D


  • 3D modelling under CAD programs.
  • Analysis and optimization of the design for the client parts.
  • Solutions adapted to the client’s requirements.


  • Study of the optimal manufacturing procedures and means.
  • Version Control and Configuration management.
  • Exhaustive fulfilment of quality standards.


  • Geometric control laboratory, dimensional by MMC.
  • Application of EN-9100, validation and process control.
  • Identification and traceability.